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Top 10 Best Apple for Juicing [2020]

October 30, 2019anbk09

There is no denying that this five-letter word is such a big deal in today’s world. We use them for baking, making ciders, and salads, sometimes we extract the juices from them.

Apples are a little hard on the exterior but softer on the interior, and it is almost entirely edible except for few parts.

If you are trying to make the perfect drink for a weekend picnic or trying to make homemade juice or cider, the chance that you will need to know the best variant of apple to use in a bowlful of different types is extremely high.

This piece will attempt to answer the many questions individuals like you always ask, such as:

  • Are all apples right for juicing?
  • Are apples fruits or vegetables?
  • What is the advantage of juicing the right apple?

If you are interested in knowing the right answer, read on.

Are all apples right for juicing?

It’s so much fun to munch on an apple, the taste is unforgettable, the texture is incomparable, and the nutritional effects on the body are unexplainable.

If you are not consuming apples raw, another way to enjoy the sweet taste of this beautiful fruit is by juicing it and then consuming the juice.

To the conventional consumer, it seems that all apples can be juiced because all apples can be consumed, but this isn’t the case. To answer the question about all apples being suitable for juicing, it is crucial to define what juicing means.

Juicing is self-explanatory; it is the process of extracting juice from the apple to make it suitable for consumption as a drink or as part of the production process for another product.

With many variants of apples available on the market, it is no wonder why all apples do not give the same results when juiced. You might be told that Red apples are the best by anyone if you asked randomly, on the other hand, you might be told that green apples are the “no – juice” apples.

However, if you asked the “pros” in the game, you would hear the names of different apple species like

  • granny smith,
  • golden delicious,
  • fuji,
  • pink lady and
  • honey crisp.

Any of the following apples are just perfect for juicing, and you should look out for them.

When next you are looking for the quintessential apple to juice, don’t go for red over green or green over white, ask for the above-listed variants of apple and you will be glad you made the right choice.

What to look for when picking the best apple for juicing?

the best apple for juicing

You came home on a hot and sunny day, you are as thirsty as an athlete running a marathon, and just like magic, you see a basketful of apples. Some are red, while some are green. Others are glistening, others aren’t. You need to quench that thirst but you don’t know which apple to juice.

Does this sound familiar? If this is a peculiar challenge you have faced, here are a few qualities to look out for next time you are faced with a similar situation.

Flesh firmness

The firmness of the skin of an apple is a critical factor to look out for when picking an apple for juicing. If the firmness is questionable, it either means that the fruit is unripe or almost rotten. You don’t want an unpleasant drink or one spiked with acid from an unripe fruit.


Except you are making a concoction, the chance that you will prefer a ripe apple over an unripe one for your juice is extremely low. This is one of the most important features you should be on the lookout for in your apple. Ripe apples are sweeter; sweet apples make sweet juices. It is that simple.


The texture is another critical feature to look out for. It is a sign of how mature, healthy, and rich the species is. If you want to make the perfect apple juice to quench your thirst, pay attention to the apple’s texture. The best way to determine the texture is by pressing the apple in different parts. 


It is uncommon in our everyday life that red should seem better than green. In traffic, for instance, red means stop and green means go, but it is the opposite in juicing apples.

Most times, red apples are the best apples to “go” for, and the green apples are the apples to “stop” juicing. Know the difference. Green apples have lower sugar content, and they will be perfect for people who want less sugar while red apples are known for their mouthwatering sweetness due to their high sugar content.

Look out for splotches, marks, and colorations

Except you are getting them for a ridiculously cheap price, or you are responsible for making the apples discolored, it is important to look out for splotches, marks and any form of discolorations. These are all telltale signs of diseased or damaged fruits. You need no further proof to show that these fruits will mess up your whole juice.


There is an unspoken rule when it comes to juicing apples. The rule states that if the apple looks appealing to you, then it is fresh enough for consumption. Before making a purchase, however, check out all the other characteristics listed above.

The 10 Best Apples for Juicing

The 10 Best Apples for Juicing

This must be the most exciting part of this piece. The best apples for juicing. The apples in this segment are known for their sweetness, tartiness, and if you are lucky: their freshness. Check out this shortlist of the best apples for juicing.

1. Rome Apples

Here is the famous cooking apple, popular for its many applications in baking, roasting, frying and, most importantly, juicing. Rome apple flavors are known to be more enhanced when they undergo heating, and you can spot them from a distance because of their distinctive glossy appearance.   

2. Cameo

Cameo apples fit the description, “the best of both worlds.” It was developed from the combination of the ‘Red Delicious’ apples and the ‘Golden delicious’ one.

You can identify them in stores or an orchard by their multicolored orange stripe, mixed with pale green and red flushes. It’s easy to peel and easier to juice.    

3. Honey crisp

If you are a pro juicer, then you should know about this apple variant like the back of your hand. People love it for its flavor, texture, and taste.

The honey crisp apple was developed in Minnesota, sometime in 1960 and it has been a favorite ever since. There is nothing not to love about honey crisp apples, which means that you can bake the peels, eat the peels, and enjoy the juice. 

4. Fuji

Coming straight out of Japan, the Fuji apple is a wonder to behold, a beauty to consume with a flavor to match. However, they might be very expensive when compared to other apple flavors.

5. Golden Delicious Apples

They are not just yellow, they are delicious and juicy. Although they are known for their rarity, these species of apples are extremely juicy and one of the best-tasting apples for juicing. 

6. Pink lady Apples

This species of apple is a product of several cultivars hence its characteristic pink color and rich taste. Most have a distinctive pink color with a splash of green, which makes them stand out. They might not be the best in taste, but they are great as juices.

7. Red Delicious Apples

They are one of the commonest apples in the united states and beyond, but that’s not what makes them the best to juice. They are not just red; they are very delicious and juicy because they are a combination of several cultivars. If you want a drink of apple juice that is rich in taste and vitality, go for Red delicious apples, the name says it all.

8. Gala

Gala apples come packed with a triple punch. They are cheap, tasty, and extremely sweet. Their characteristic reddish colors with green tinge underneath are a common feature in farms or stores. They are one of the juiciest apples, and they are easily accessible anywhere. If you are ready, grab yours.    

9. Granny Smith

This particular apple cultivar is known for its distinctive taste, shape, and color. It is crisp to eat and sweet to drink. It is perfect for its distinct taste. As a plant, its origin is traced to Sydney Australia. Because it requires a well-drained soil for planting, the granny smith apple might have almost too much moisture content (perfect for you if you love moist apples).

10. Winesap

A cup of Winesap juice will get you feeling on top of the world. Its red color makes it stand out but it does have a shade of green background once in a while. Unlike the red delicious apple, itis an old apple cultivar of unknown origin but much sweeter with a gorgeous balance of wine-like flavor and crisp. If you are on the lookout for the perfect apple fruit to juice, then the Winesap is for you.

What are the Health Benefits of using the right apples for juicing?

Health Benefits of using the right apples for juicing

Now that we have highlighted the best apples for juicing, it is equally important to know that every glassful of healthy and sparkling apple juice is a combination of rich fiber, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.

Here are a few reasons why you should go for the above-listed apples for your juice.

Cups of health

There are so many health benefits to be derived from using the right apples for juicing.

Not only are the right apples filled with juices that are predominantly water, but they are also filled with pulp which is great for digestion and they contain many plant compounds that are great for the heart and other parts of the body.

With every cup of apple juice you consume, not only will you be hydrated, but you will also be nourished.   

Sweet taste

It’s as simple as ABC and even simpler. If you use sour apple fruits, you will have sour apple juice, and if you use sweet apple fruits, you will enjoy the sweet-tasting apple juice.

Unripe, overripe or poorly cultivated fruits are good for other purposes other than juicing, and it is better to use only ripe fruits of excellent cultivars to get the right results.    

Beautiful aesthetic

If you are both for great taste and a great look, then you should be deliberate about the right kind of apple to juice.

Pink apples are great, yellow apples are bright, and red apples are a brilliant choice for the individual who is all for the looks and not consumption.


It is almost impossible to enjoy a cup of freshly juiced apple if the right type of apple isn’t used. No matter how great it looks, an unripe apple might be too acidic for your consumption, while a fruit with different variations of defects can also cause digestion troubles and even food poisoning.

To stay safe and to enjoy your drink, why not opt for the right apples.  

Final thoughts

With over a score different kinds of apple available in farms and stores, there is no doubt that Apples have come to stay.

Apples occupy a significant part of our lives. They are part of our pies, famous companies are named after them, lots of stories are told about them from mythical to paradoxical, and this points to a rather obvious point- we cannot do without apples.

Juicing is one of the best ways to enjoy this fruit, and because not all apples are equal, several apples are better choices for juicing than others.

It is believed that after reading this piece you already know which is the best choice for the tastiest and the most nourishing drink.

Whatever your flavor, there is a golden rule to always remember, the fresher the fruit, the healthier the drink. It is as simple as that.

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