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Hello and welcome to Begincooking.net, where food is our religion!

It’s all about deliciousness, and anyone from a home cook to a master chef knows that the true test of success is a combination of presentation that acts as a feast to the eyes and the taste you get from your first bite.

Begincooking.net is not just a recipe site. We are all about the whole experience, as food is truly about the five sensations all combined into one. We think of the sounds the crack of a crisp crème Brulee top makes, the feel of a smooth panna cotta on your tongue, the deep savory flavor of a thick sauce, the sight of a brightly colored plate and the smell of a delicious freshly baked bread.

Cooking is not just mixing ingredients, it’s about love, its about emotions and how we transfer our emotions into what we cook. In this site we will provide you with many recipes, some simple, others more complex, but all the recipes will provide you with a complete sensory experience. You control the ingredients and add your love to the preparation.

What we hope you will gain from Begincooking.net is a true love for cooking, appreciating all the different ingredients, the processes to prepare them, and the ways to cook them. Our main message is “Keep it Simple” and “Less is Best”. We hope that through our site you will find an appreciation to experiment with our recipes and to find new and wonderful ways to enhance the flavors, creating new variants and sharing your experiences online with all our readers.

So, welcome to this amazing community and feel free to share your thoughts. You can contact directly with us via email: [email protected]